Tracy Neff

Elizabeth reminded me what it felt like to breathe. She offered new and enlightening perspectives. She showed me that I was stuck in an ineffective paradigm that I had created for myself.

Elizabeth sends the message that everything is possible and every time I even see the notes I took from our sessions I am reminded that I am okay and that I have the ability and grace to change. She taught me about my ‘intuitive yes’ and my ‘intuitive no.’ She reminded me that gratitude is a powerful force. I learned to give myself time to celebrate, mourn or contemplate, depending on what I needed. She has given me tools to recognize and change my patterns of feeling powerless, and creating toxic beliefs in my life. She taught me to recognize my needs, desires and anything that was ‘expansive.’

I had to learn to give myself permission to incorporate them into my life without a sense of guilt or shame. I learned to look at relationships as spiritual assignments. What was I to learn from difficult relationships?  This helped me to have more grace for these people in my life and to appreciate them more.

Since working with Elizabeth my eyes have been opened to different ways of being and to re-inviting spirit back into my world.

Before working with Elizabeth, I was fearful that I couldn’t afford it. However, I justified the investment because I saw it as a necessary gift to myself. People often tell me to take better care of myself and this was my way of saying, “I am.” I have been able to maintain my work with Elizabeth for a year now and I think that it pays back in spades.