Susan Batson

I‘m a different woman since I started working with Elizabeth. My life has become bigger, juicier, more loving, and easier than I ever thought was possible.

I came to her feeling lost, overwhelmed, driven by fear, and disconnected from my own voice. I was also struggling to start my own business and find balance between my career and my family.

Working with Elizabeth, I learned how to tap into my own inner wisdom, trusting myself and the universe. I now have an amazing business that is flourishing. I have started living my life with consciousness, grace, and ease.

When I’m hitting a rough patch or feel stuck, it is such a good feeling knowing that Elizabeth is in my life. Her loving, gentle support and insight have helped me through some very difficult moments, times when I couldn’t see any way out or forward.

The day that I decided to work with Elizabeth was one of the most important in my life — it was pivotal to helping me grow into the person I have always wanted to be.