Matt Loper

When I began working with Elizabeth, I remember generally feeling overwhelmed, over-worked, burnt out, and daunted by life. I was struggling with anxiety and self-judgement, and wrestling with the big questions of life.

The decision to work with Elizabeth wasn’t easy for me. There are plenty of reasons not to grow and my ego had them all well organized and articulated. I had to find the inner courage to do this level of self-work and self-care.

Through our sessions, I have developed a much deeper, richer, and continuously evolving relationship with myself. I am patient, loving, and open with myself and my body in a way that I never was able to access prior to our work together.

I now believe that my best possible life and self are achievable, and more importantly, I believe that I deserve to manifest them. This is really fun and rewarding “work”!

Elizabeth is the most enthusiastic supporter in my life… unlike any other! A session with her lights up my entire week. I am so, so lucky to have her in my life.

Everyone should have a coach so talented, sincere, and joyful — it is a gift that each of us should give ourselves.