Laurie Irwin

Before I began working with Elizabeth I was feeling very disconnected — my insides and my outsides did not match and I was not happy with my life and the direction it was headed. I was just getting ready to step into retirement, and I was hoping to find some sort of peace within myself and get ready for this next huge step.

Since working with Elizabeth, I practice happiness instead of self-condemnation. I now know and believe that the numbers on the scale do not define me and that the only person I need to compare myself to is myself. I have fallen back in love with myself and if I stray away from that feeling, I know how to come back to that place.

My spiritual life has grown in vitality and in depth, and my purpose in life is much more defined by freedom — the “rules” have relaxed and are not so harsh, leaving me with so many more choices.

I made the decision to make the changes that I wanted in my life and Elizabeth helped me stay on track and empowered me. I am so delighted with myself and the progress I have made in working with her.

The real question I had to ask was, “How can I afford not to do this?” The amount of support and unconditional love that I have received from Elizabeth has justified every cent I have spent in this work with her.