Gabriel Gargari

Before I met Elizabeth, I was feeling good overall, but I was at a point in my life where I needed help getting to that next level. I was creating a project that I was very passionate about, but struggling with getting out of my own way. I was thinking too much and needed to get another perspective in a consistent way.

Since I had never had a Life-coach before, I didn‘t have any expectations. Elizabeth was able to guide me with different exercises and tools I can use whenever I need.

Through our sessions, I started to have more confidence in myself. As I became more centered, loving, aware, and accepting of myself, I saw the ripple-effect of that love into all the other aspects of my life. My relationships with myself, money, work, body, and others really began to change.

More abundance in all aspects began to come in. People that didn‘t help create a genuine, loving, and good purpose in my Life began to fizzle out.

In our work, I have discovered I am a powerful human being! I really have the ability to make things happen in my life. I learned that my intuition is very strong, and my connection to God, the Universe, and myself is a realm that I truly have access to.

Elizabeth is someone that will meet you where you need to be met. When you are ready to move, she will move with you. Her instincts are great and I love collaborating with her and allowing myself to be open and vulnerable with her.

I justify the investment because of the results that I am seeing, feeling, and being.

If you are ready to transform your life, whether with baby steps or a full leap, she is a person that will help you do that, and then some!