Cindy Maliniak

One of the first things Elizabeth asked me to do was to recognize the things that made me joyful as I went through my week. I didn‘t do it. I couldn‘t do it. I had no idea. I was just so tired and paralyzed. Stuck in the muck up to my neck.

I had no idea what I wanted, let alone how to discover the life that was buried inside me. I had lost touch with so much of what made me happy. I was exhausted and lost. I was hoping to find a way to walk through my days with a smile on my face: glad to be where I was; Happy to be married to the man I was with; able to make decisions based on what I needed.

I needed permission to NOT be the person I was “supposed” to be. I needed permission to stop “doing” and start feeling- I needed to know that I was here for a reason.

You can not imagine the things that I have been able to do over the last six months – tasks that were inconceivable before we started working together.

I have cleaned out my house. I have taken good care of my body, biking and yoga most days. I go places and say yes much more. I have tools that I can use to change my conversation with myself. I began to be playful with my husband and to enjoy who he “is” instead of focusing on the “isn’t”. (Very hard work when you have been together for 34 years – but amazing results.) I am readying myself for a new journey and I’m excited to see where I am led. After so many years of living a life defined by others I now have the pleasure of knowing what I want, and listening (most of the time).

I am still me, just brighter, shinier, authentic. Now, I believe that change is possible, that I am always being cared for, and that I have the power to create and choose a life for me that is second to none.

Connecting with Elizabeth was one the best gifts that I have ever been given. If you’re thinking about working with her, I have one word: JUMP!