Here‘s what others have to say

Sue DeSalvo

48, Boston, MA
Project Manager

I decided to attend the retreat, because after doing private coaching, it felt like a good time to do some intensive work with Elizabeth.

The retreat is an extension of Elizabeth herself. It was one of the most welcome spaces I‘ve been in. Everyone who attended was amazing. I felt like myself and completely at home. I really loved being in the mountains and nature.

I definitely recommend making the investment and time to attend. It was one of the most rewarding, fun and relaxing weekends I‘ve spent.


Susan Batson

54, Boston, MA
Acupuncturist/Emotional Healer

I‘m a different woman since I started working with Elizabeth. My life has become bigger, juicier, more loving, and easier than I ever thought was possible.

I came to her feeling lost, overwhelmed, driven by fear, and disconnected from my own voice. I was also struggling to start my own business and find balance between my career and my family.

Working with Elizabeth, I learned how to tap into my own inner wisdom, trusting myself and the universe. I now have an amazing business that is flourishing. I have started living my life with consciousness, grace, and ease.

When I’m hitting a rough patch or feel stuck, it is such a good feeling knowing that Elizabeth is in my life. Her loving, gentle support and insight have helped me through some very difficult moments, times when I couldn’t see any way out or forward.

The day that I decided to work with Elizabeth was one of the most important in my life — it was pivotal to helping me grow into the person I have always wanted to be.


Jen Littlefield

34, NYC

In the beginning of my work with Elizabeth, I was feeling stuck in my relationships with food and stress, looking to create better habits. Then about three months into our sessions, my dad died and I felt completely lost.

Our work together expanded, to help me better understand myself and how I process life and the challenges that come along with it. Together we navigated through new obstacles and worked on incorporating her teachings into all aspects of my life.

Since working with Elizabeth, I am more confident in my abilities and strengths. I can feel when my gut/spirit is telling me something and I’m becoming better at listening to it. I’m settling less and striving to be better always.

Elizabeth’s support feels like having a best friend, mentor, and project manager wrapped inside the best cheerleader I could ask for.


Laurie Irwin

65, Port Huron, MI
Semi-Retired - Nonprofit Management

Before I began working with Elizabeth I was feeling very disconnected — my insides and my outsides did not match and I was not happy with my life and the direction it was headed. I was just getting ready to step into retirement, and I was hoping to find some sort of peace within myself and get ready for this next huge step.

Since working with Elizabeth, I practice happiness instead of self-condemnation. I now know and believe that the numbers on the scale do not define me and that the only person I need to compare myself to is myself. I have fallen back in love with myself and if I stray away from that feeling, I know how to come back to that place.

My spiritual life has grown in vitality and in depth, and my purpose in life is much more defined by freedom — the “rules” have relaxed and are not so harsh, leaving me with so many more choices.

I made the decision to make the changes that I wanted in my life and Elizabeth helped me stay on track and empowered me. I am so delighted with myself and the progress I have made in working with her.

The real question I had to ask was, “How can I afford not to do this?” The amount of support and unconditional love that I have received from Elizabeth has justified every cent I have spent in this work with her.