Here‘s what others have to say

Tracy Neff

34, Vancouver, Canada
Voice and Theatre Teacher/Performer

Elizabeth reminded me what it felt like to breathe. She offered new and enlightening perspectives. She showed me that I was stuck in an ineffective paradigm that I had created for myself.

Elizabeth sends the message that everything is possible and every time I even see the notes I took from our sessions I am reminded that I am okay and that I have the ability and grace to change. She taught me about my ‘intuitive yes’ and my ‘intuitive no.’ She reminded me that gratitude is a powerful force. I learned to give myself time to celebrate, mourn or contemplate, depending on what I needed. She has given me tools to recognize and change my patterns of feeling powerless, and creating toxic beliefs in my life. She taught me to recognize my needs, desires and anything that was ‘expansive.’

I had to learn to give myself permission to incorporate them into my life without a sense of guilt or shame. I learned to look at relationships as spiritual assignments. What was I to learn from difficult relationships?  This helped me to have more grace for these people in my life and to appreciate them more.

Since working with Elizabeth my eyes have been opened to different ways of being and to re-inviting spirit back into my world.

Before working with Elizabeth, I was fearful that I couldn’t afford it. However, I justified the investment because I saw it as a necessary gift to myself. People often tell me to take better care of myself and this was my way of saying, “I am.” I have been able to maintain my work with Elizabeth for a year now and I think that it pays back in spades.


Kristin Funsch

35, Plymouth, MA

My father had passed away unexpectedly the summer before the retreat and I was struggling with my life as I knew it. His passing raised many questions, and it became apparent to me that the “success” that I was striving for may not be how I wanted to live my life. I was sure that I needed a new outlook but wasn‘t sure where to turn.

The retreat atmosphere was warm and flexible, and the class sessions were my favorite part. I had time and the right environment to process questions and emotions, and I found a dialogue with my spirit which I was able to name and communicate with. I have found since the retreat that I am able to rely on my own opinions and less on those of others.


Rica Bryan

28, New York, NY
Public Health Nutrionist

Honestly, I felt pretty darn good just prior to working with Elizabeth. I was content in my job, surrounded by supportive community, and had recently called in an epic love. And, I wanted more. “Content” left me feeling unsettled and distant from my best self. I knew that the feeling of thriving was out there for me, I just didn’t know where to start.

In particular, I was struggling with my relationship with money. For so long, I held loads of guilt and shame around having money; spinning stories down and up through my lineage that somehow I didn’t deserve what I inherited or what I earned outright. That heaviness felt so immovable that I avoided the topic entirely for years.

I was a hoarder in my financial life and a self-sacrificing civil servant in my professional life. Neither of those identities felt good. I was craving to feel grounded in my relationship with money…to get right with it.

When you work with Elizabeth, you instantly discern that she’s done her work, backward and forward. In saying yes, I was trusting that she’d guide me toward full permission to reclaim all the abundance that I already have…and ask for more.

Since my private retreat day, I have so much more freedom and permission in my relationship with money, which means freedom and permission in my life. In my sessions with Elizabeth, I moved a colossal block of shame and guilt to find a whole lot of lightness and gratitude.  For the first time, I’m actually excited to engage with my money and ask for more.

My relationship with money deeply softened. I feel ease and flow. One of my deepest desires in working with Elizabeth was for money to be fun and playful. Now, I can honestly say that I love the money game.

Are you willing to take a soul-dive, feel wholly supported to be your best-self, laugh a lot, and invite in a life that gets better and better? Are you sure you’re ready…because with Elizabeth, what you really want, you will get. She has that way with this world.


Ana Romero Gargari

35, Mexico City
yoga instructor/graphic designer/dancer

I had some doubts before meeting Elizabeth, but once I started speaking to her, I felt a strong connection and a very special trust. I decided to work with her because it was time to take responsibility with my life in order to have more control and enjoy more.

I now see myself differently, and have learned to focus on me first. I feel I have more value, and therefore my other relationships have evolved. I have more clarity on what I honestly desire, and I am more clearly communicating those desires to others.