My life and my work are guided by three simple beliefs that have never failed me


Love is always here

I’m sad to say this is a radical statement in our society. We’re taught from a very young age that growing up is hard and getting older is not something to look forward to. Even when things are good, we often have a sense of anxiety, waiting for the other shoe to drop. This is a really unfortunate myth, don’t you think? Really horrible news for a growing human. Because honestly, if this were true, what is the point?

My approach turns this system on its head and remember: Love is always here. Really. This isn’t about ignoring the hard, sad, dark times. It’s not about Pollyanna-ing through life, sugarcoating reality.

This is about choosing to orient our decisions, thoughts, and behaviors around the belief that love is always here. When this belief is in place — even if you have to fake it at first (I know I did) — there’s hope. You can accept everything that comes your way as fertile growing conditions for your next unfolding. And most importantly, when you believe that love is always here… it actually IS. How great is that?


You get to do it your way

The process of creating a life you love can look however you want it to look. In fact, it needs to be done in a way that feels good, that feels doable, that feels true to who you are, and that is, dare I say, fun. We all have unique conditions that allow us to thrive.

However, in our culture, we’re shown a pretty narrow definition of the path to success. In relationships, health, career, or any life area, it’s pretty unanimous: go-go-go, work harder, be better, just show up, do it, power through, get it done. And the thing is, instead of energizing us to step it up, that approach is the fastest way to shut a lot of us right down. We get overwhelmed, we rebel, we fall off the wagon, we judge ourselves. And then we start the cycle all over again.

If you’ve been down that road, fantastic. You now know it doesn’t work, and you’re ready to discover your way. Together, we’ll focus on the experiences, feelings, and actions that inspire you. We throw out the “shoulds” and linear ways of thinking about how to get what you want. Instead, we listen for who you need to be, and how you need to feel, to keep stepping towards your goals and desires.

This terrain can be surprising — your goal can be way closer than you think, or you could find yourself enjoying the long game with more patience and joy than you ever thought possible.


Co-creation makes it easier

It is my belief that we are not meant to do this thing alone. And that, for most of us, navigating our life solely based on what our intellect dictates and listening to that critical mind inside each of us is a rough ride. I don’t recommend it. 😉

Especially when we’re in a transition, a dark time, or truly ready for more and feeling completely uncertain of how to get there — it’s so much easier when we have access to more support.

It is also my belief that there is a presence that is greater than us, that has our back. That presence looks different for each of us, and there are countless names for it. It’s that inner voice, that gut feeling when you know, really know, what’s true for you. Maybe you call it your soul, the Universe, the divine. Your heart. Maybe it’s nature. Maybe there’s no name that fits, or you’re not sure that “more” even exists. It doesn’t matter.

What I have found is that when you can cultivate a relationship with something beyond your intellect and begin to trust that it’s on your side… everything gets easier. In our work together, I’ll help support you to discover and cultivate that relationship in a way that is as unique as you are.

A mini-backstory

Fifteen years ago, I would have never conceived of the life I get to live today. It would have been almost unimaginable, that I’d be living on the coast of Maine with my wife, running a business doing the work I was born to do, and feeling peace and vitality (and all the other human emotions too).

Back then, I was in a funk. The kind of funk that lasted days, and weeks, and months, and years. It wasn’t that my life was horrible — I had family that loved and supported me, an amazing community of friends, and an endless list of resources to be grateful for. Yet every morning I’d wake up with a pit in my stomach. Feeling anxious and unhealthy, spinning in uncertainty and self-judgement.

Somewhere in the muck of this funk, I made a shift. Instead of searching for fixes, I started studying the art of loving my life. I read books (a lot of them). I hired my coach. I studied spirituality, nutrition, consciousness, money, partnership, and more.

Instead of putting myself in anyone else’s box, I finally made a commitment to be me, to give myself permission to do it my way, and pursue the things that made me feel alive. This was a great decision. 🙂

I began my coaching practice in 2007 and have since worked with hundreds of people who have chosen to reclaim and create a life they truly love. It is a daily honor and joy to witness, cheerlead, and support them.

If you’d like to connect on what’s possible for you, and see if we’re a fit, I’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch here.

I now know that it is possible to make huge positive changes and it doesn't have to be painful or stressful.

Michelle Vinciguerra
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